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Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney Ty Martinez Gets Not Guilty Verdict for Client

by Ty Martinez on 01/14/16

Riverside County South West Justice Center (Murrieta Court) - January 5, 2016 jury returned NOT GUILTY verdict on felony domestic violence case (PC 273.5).  Demonstrated client's ex girlfriend was upset about the breakup, and she was caught lying multiple times when being cross examined by my partner Yvonne Todd.  Jury didn't believe her story and the NOT GUILTY verdict was entered.  Great job Yvonne Todd!

Other notable recent cases:

San Bernardino Court - 1/7/16 Felony Grand Theft (PC 487) - dismissed by DA due to having my client pay restitution to victim up front.

Rancho Cucamonga Court - 1/14/16 - Misdemeanor DUI and Hit and Run (VC 23152a and VC 2002) dismissed outright.  We provided proof to DA that damage to victim's car was paid for by insurance.  Client's alcohol level and drug levels were low enough for our office to get the case dismissed.

Rancho Cucamonga Court - 1/14/16 - Misdemeanor drunk in public (PC 647f) dismissed.  Provided copy of client's successful completion of a program, DA dismissed.

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