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Criminal Defense Attorney Ty Martinez Gets Results

by Ty Martinez on 09/14/15

Below are some of our results for 2015:

Riverside Court  1/16/15 - Misdemeanor domestic violence dismissed due to our getting the audio from the police unit that took victim to the station.  Victim was extremely intoxicated, which we presented to DA. 

Rancho Cucamonga Court 3/13/15 - Misdemeanor battery dismissed due to our providing DA with client's office internal investigation report showing that our client was not at fault.

Rancho Cucamonga Court 4/16/15 - Misdemeanor drug possession dismissed.

Rancho Cucamonga Court- 4/23/15 - Felony domestic violence case reduced to a misdemeanor, no jail, fine and 52 week program vs. a felony and 1 year of county jail.

Pomona Court - 5/22/15 - Misdemeanor domestic violence dismissed.  We showed DA that our client called 911 and was the victim in the case.

Rancho Cucamonga Court-  6/17/15 - Felony domestic violence dismissed.  Were able to again show that our client was not the aggressor.

El Monte Court 6/19/15 - 2nd degree burglary and theft case dismissed.  Presented DA with evidence that our client was with a former employee and was unaware of what was actually occurring.

West Covina - 6/24/15 - Not Guilty Verdict on all four counts - Misdemeanor domestic violence; misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle); 2 counts of child endangerment.  Presented jury with evidence of prior domestic violence by "victim" against my client, as a result the law gave my client permission to use reasonable force to defend himself and his children.  Jury agreed.  Not guilty.

Rancho Cucamonga Court -6/29/15 - Felony domestic violence dismissed.  Presented DA with evidence of "victim" attacking and stalking my client.  Client had called the police on multiple occasions regarding victim.  DA dismissed upon reviewing evidence.

San Bernardino Court - 7/14/15 - Misdemeanor drug case dismissed. DA could not prove drugs were client's.

 Riverside Court 7/27/15 - Felony domestic violence case dismissed.  Police arrested both parties.  This is always a problem for the DA.

Rancho Cucamonga Court - 8/13/15- Felony domestic violence case dismissed. Victim lied to police.  We presented DA with statement from victim.  

Compton Court - 8/5/15 - Misdemeanor dui dismissed due to low levels.

Compton Court - 8/25/15 - Misdemeanor theft case dismissed by way of civil compromise.  

Long Beach Court 8/25/15 - Misdemeanor battery case dismissed.  Witnesses stated the case differently than the police report.  DA dropped charges.

Riverside Court- 9/2/15 - Misdemeanor domestic violence case dismissed.  Presented DA with witness account and the fact that client was trying to get his vehicle back from "victim" who stole his car.

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The following case results do not constitute a guarantee of any kind, nor should they be used as an indicator, as to the possible outcome of your case.  The resolution of a case heavily depends upon the specific facts and circumstances, and additional factors such as a person's criminal history.

Please note:  "Dismissed" as used in this section, means that the entire case was dismissed, or that the original charge was dismissed because our office was able to obtain a reduction of the charge from the District Attorney.
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