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Criminal Defense Attorney Ty Martinez Gets Results

by Ty Martinez on 10/28/14

October 2014 Results-

10/13/14 -Riverside Court - 3 Felony counts of having unlawful sex with a minor. Went to trial and hung the jury - 10-2 in favor of NOT GUILTY.  Client was a substitute teacher, and young girl was 17 1/2 years old.  The law says if you actually and reasonably believe person was 18 then you are not guilty of the crime. Based on the fact that it was summer time, multiple statements made by young woman, and the fact she was a mature 17 1/2 year old.  Jury could not come to a decision.

10/17/14 - Rancho Cucamonga Court - Misdemeanor domestic violence case dismissed.  Client's ex girlfriend wanted to extort money from him.  "Victim" attempted to claim a bruise that was a week old, was the result of an altercation with my client an hour prior.  We provided DA with our expert's examination and opinion and got the case DISMISSED.

10/20/14 - Rancho Cucamonga Court - Misdemeanor drug possession case dismissed outright.  Case was 4 years old before deciding to prosecute! Prior to filing a speedy trial motion, I pointed out to DA crime lab destroyed evidence a couple of years back - case DISMISSED.

10/3/14 - Harbor Court Newport Beach - Misdemeanor possession of a deadly weapon - DISMISSED.

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Please note:  "Dismissed" as used in this section, means that the entire case was dismissed, or that the original charge was dismissed because our office was able to obtain a reduction of the charge from the District Attorney.
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